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Are you looking for a mobile game where you can have fun? Assasins creed rebellion is a wonderful game and you must try this strategy based role-playing game. Mobile games are changed as present with the advancement of technology.
This game is fully loaded with remarkable 3D animations. The graphics are superb and appealing. Several characters are there and make it the first choice of millions of mobile gamers.
The storyline is also very interesting where the player can make the group of more than one character to accomplish the different type of mission. In addition to this, the characters can be updated with additional powers.
In order to have more advantages, you can also spend the gaming currency. You can also earn gaming currency by taking part in various missions.
Helix Credits and coins are the two major forms of the gaming currency. You also need to learn about many tricks through which you can play like an experienced player.
There are immense benefits of making a plan in advance to deal with the various situations of assassins creed rebellion game. You will be getting different characters there like Ezio, Aguilar, Shao Jun.
Playing with them is fascinating and you will fall in love with it. You can also design your brotherhood to have more powerful gameplay and infiltrate the Templars’ strongholds.
On the initial stage, you must be able to deal effectively with it. There are some tasks to do through which you can handle every situation of this game in a better way.
Managing the brotherhood
It is necessary to manage the brotherhood in this game. You will be amazed to see the series of new characters in this game.
With the unique heroes, you can certainly play well. There are more than forty different characters available in this game to choose from.
You can select from them to have a perfect team. You should also remember the fact that only with the help of perfect team you can deal with the difficult mission.
Always choose the highly powerful characters for your team. The best thing is that these characters can also be updated from time to time.
By updating them you can improve their level of efficiency to deal with various situations. In order to get the best results from the available heroes, you should update them to gain the highest rank. More powerful brotherhood has many advantages and you can easily defeat templars’ plan by this.

Creating a strong headquarter
You must be thinking that why the creating of strong headquarter is beneficial in assassins creed rebellion game. Well, this way you can empower your brotherhood and increase the size of it.

You will also be able to improve the skills of assassins. In this context, you should start building the new rooms. Equipment is very important and thus you should also start crafting new equipment as possible for you. In order to be more powerful, you can also learn to use the assassins creed rebellion hack tool.
We hope that these tricks can certainly bring a new ray of hope and you will be able to enjoy assassins creed rebellion game more.

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